PREMEC - Erster Workshop an der EHESS in Paris
24.04.2017 · 09.00 Uhr

Early Modes of Writing the Shoah. Practices of Knowledge and Textual Practices of Jewish Survivors in Europe (1942–1965)

Ort: EHESS, 105 Boulevard Raspail 75006 PARIS, Room 5
Organisiert von Aurélia Kalisky


9.00 am Welcome

9.15–11.00 am Morning session

9.15 am
Aurélia Kalisky & Judith Lindenberg: Introduction and presentation of the project »Unclassifiable knowledges«

10.15 am
General discussion on the project

1.00–5.00 pm Afternoon session

2/ The Use(s) of Testimony

1.00 pm
Judith Lyon-Caen: Michel Borwicz, literature and truth of the experience

1.45 pm
Audrey Kichelewski: The role of survivor-historians in postwar Polish trials against nazi perpetrators (1946–1958)

3/ Reflections on Language

2.45 pm
Katrin Stoll: Nachman Blumental on the Nazi vocabulary

3.30 pm
Elisabeth Gallas: Sprachkritik as a Reflection on History – Considerations on a New Genre

4.25 pm
Discussion on the project's organization (Calendar, archives, results, etc.)