Warlam Schalamow: Künstler der Schaufel. Erzählungen aus Kolyma 3
[Artists of the shovel. Kolyma Stories 3]

Edition of works vol. 3
Verlag Matthes & Seitz, Berlin 2010, 603 pages
ISBN 978-3-88221-600-4

Translated from Russian by Gabriele Leupold. Edited by Franziska Thun-Hohenstein, with an epilogue by Michail Ryklin.

After Durch den Schnee and Linkes Ufer, the third volume of stories from Kolyma is now published. It contains two cycles of the monumental work of Varlam Shalamov. Again he takes the readers into the merciless world of the Siberian camps and tells the story of the vanquished. The focus of this volume is the masterly portrayed world of hoodlums in the camp: their everyday life, their language, their customs and their relationship to the political prisoners.

In German.


Varlam Shalamov Edition of works

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