“Ta'ziyeh In Kalāk”
A film by Maryam Palizban

“Ta'ziyeh In Kalāk. An Introduction To Ta'ziyeh”
A Film by Maryam Palizban


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Kalāk is a part of Karāj, a city near Tehran. Ta'ziyeh, as an extraordinary form of Theater-Ritual, can be seen intensively practiced during the month of Muharram in almost all parts of Iran.

It is not only a ritual, but strongly a theater form. An introduction to Ta'ziyeh will try not only to watch a Ta'ziyeh but also to feel it.


Maryam Palizban is a Persian movie and theater actor, director, and poet. She graduated in 2004 from Tehran University in Performing Art. She got the Doctor's degree at Free University Berlin in 2014 with the doctoral thesis Performativität des Mordes. Aufführung des Märtyrertums in Ta'ziya als ein schiitisches Theater-Ritual.

Film: © Maryam Palizban
Pictures: © ZfL

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