Internal Workshop
31 May 2018 – 01 Jun 2018

Die ›neuen Formalismen‹ – Form, Geschichte, Gesellschaft

Venue: ZfL, Schützenstr. 18, 10117 Berlin, Seminarraum 303
Contact: Eva Axer

In Cooperation with Eva Geulen
with Marjorie Levinson (University of Michigan), Werner Michler (Universität Salzburg), Dirk Oschmann (Universität Leipzig), Karin Krauthausen (HU Berlin)

For two decades we have been witnessing a boom in the concept of form and ›new formalisms‹ in the Anglo-American world, but also in Germany. While older formalist approaches mostly made immanent readings, while upholding autonomy and aesthetic convictions, especially against historical explanations of form, the ›new formalisms‹ endeavour to convey form, history and society, borrowing from systems biology and complexity theories of various origins.

The internal workshop is focussing on these current trends with joint reading of texts.

Participation by personal invitation only